Fundraising Plan to Support the Community’s Education Management

05/10/2014 13:12

Fundraising Plan to Support the Community’s Education Management


Ban Mae La Ma Noi and Ban Huay Ma O are sub-villages of Huay Kra Tai and Mae Tor La villages, Mae Sam Lap, Sop Moei, Mae Hong Son province. Previously, the community’s education management was operated by the Hill-tribe Community Learning Centre Mae Fa Luang under control of the Provincial Office of the Non-formal and Informal Education Center, Sop Moei, Mae Hong Son. In 2009, UNPD’s Project of Integrated Community Development for Livelihoods and Social Cohesion had supported the education management for youths and children in the communities around the refugee camps. Ban Mae La Ma Noi and Ban Huay Ma O were ones of 14 targeted communities of UNDP’s project. The project provided helps for assistant teachers and encouraged the continuous learning process of youths and children in the communities.

After the UNDP’s project had finished in 2011, the communities’ youth leaders wanted to further the continuous learning and working process in their areas. Therefore, Panyapeti Institute, who worked with UNDP since 2009 as a part of the project’s implementing team, decided to assist these youth leaders for their learning process and development. Panyapeti, as an assistant and adviser of the youth group, sought for and received grants from the Office for Promotion of the Learning Society and the Quality of Youth and Thai Health Promotion Foundation through the Project of Suk Tae Duay Panya (the wisdom of true happiness), Buddhika Network.  The result was that the targeted group acquired skills and ideas for education management in their own communities. These youths formed a group called Ya Praeg Salawin (the couch grass of Salawin Bank) and registered as a public benefits organization no. 3735.

In 2013, the Non-formal and Informal Education Center transferred their students into a school under the Primary Educational Service Area and students had to leave their community and rented a room in town because the school was, at least 6 kilometers, far from the village. Ya Praeg Salawin consulted Panyapeti and the director of Shivader School, the consultant of the group, for the education management in their communities. They found that Jo Ma Lo Lue La School in Ban Sop Lan, Sa Moeng Tai, Sa Moeng, Chiang Mai, has been continuously managed the branch classroom system with a local lifestyle curriculum for not less than 4 years. The community has been supported and supervised by Rung Arun Foundation to manage the education for their children.

In academic year 2014, Ya Praeg Salawin established the Learning Center Ya Praeg Salawin, Ban Mae La Ma Noi and Ban Huay Ma O, to carry out a branch classroom with Salawin Bank Karen’s lifestyle curriculum, supervised and supported by Shivader School, Mae Sam Lap, Sop Moei, Mae Hong Son and Panyapeti Institute, Hod, Chiang Mai. Ban Mae La Ma Noi’s learning center has 19 students consisting of 8 primary level students and 11 early childhood level students. Ban Huay Ma O’s learning center has 27 students consisting of 18 primary level students and 9 early childhood level students. Total number of students in the Learning Center Ya Praeg Salawin is 47.

It is inevitably necessary to make a fundraising plan to support the education management of these communities because the Learning Center Ya Praeg Salawin is located in remote high plain and is difficult to access. Sufficient resources such as study spaces and building and learning equipment, including a suitable communicating channel for the management support, are needed to facilitate the learning process in order that students can acquire skills of knowledge-searching and be able to adjust themselves, with application of the local wisdom that has been passed on from generation to generation, to live proudly in society.

In addition, donors will be provided with the receipt with the actual number of donation from the Foundation of Education for Life and Society (ELS), Bangkok. The donation receipt of the fundraising plan for students’ scholarships, stationery, and building construction can be used to claim a double income tax deduction (twice the amount of donation).

1. Venerable Phra Paisal Visalo
2. Prof. Rapee Sagarik
3. Dr. Pramuan Pengchan
4. Mr. Wattana Khunpradit, Director of Shivader School

Bank Accounts for Donation
The Foundation of Education for Life and Society’s Saving Accounts:
Number 061-2-02578-9, Kasikorn Bank, Suan Chatuchak Branch
Number 041-2-28788-2, Siam Commercial Bank, Bangkhen Branch


Please email to to confirm your name and last name
Or send your name, mailing address, date of transferring, and copy of the bank slip to Ya Praeg Salawin, P.O. Box 32, Mae Sariang Post Office, Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son Province, 58110, Thailand.

Ya Praeg Salawin Center will inform the ELS Foundation to delivery your receipt.

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Unit Cost per Person (a scholarship/ student)
Lunch                                    (50 baht x 50 persons x 100 days)      250,000 baht
Stationery and equipment    (2,132 baht x 50 persons)                    106,700 baht
Cost per person                                                                                     7,132 baht

For donors who support educational cost per person (7,132 baht/ a scholarship), the ELS will send you the donation receipt.The receipt can be used to claim a double income tax deduction.